Be heard.


Brief //

Raise awareness for the Dodge brand with a new audience to the driving segment in Saudi - the women of Saudi Arabia. This coupled with the increase in brand conversations required the brand to take a strong stance.

Insight //

Saudi society is in the midst of a social revolution but women are still unsure if they can shed their conventional roles.

Solution //

A campaign that inspires women to take a stand and let go of all their doubts. Dodge partners with women to make a statement by roaring loud and turning their self doubt to smoke. Switching the question (Am I ready?) to a statement (I am ready) and helping them be heard.






CD: Alexander Obradovic
ACD: Shwan Nazar
AD: Sumer Kotwal
CW: Gaurav Maitreya
Strategy: Gabriel Marfa
Production: Heba Kharouf