Sniff it out.

2018 UAE Young Lions Gold Winner


Brief //

Raise awareness for the animal shelter, Sniff, and highlight the problem of abandoned stray dogs.

Insight //

Most people in UAE aren’t aware of the extent of stray and abandoned dogs in UAE. Therefore, when they look to take a dog home around 80% of them search for pet stores on Google.

Solution //

We will use Google maps as an awareness and adoption platform. Here the audience can not only finally see how many dogs have been abandoned on the street but also help solve the problem by adopting one with Sniff.


This idea was conceptualized and roughly executed in 10 hours.


How it works //

We will populate Google maps with custom pins of where we found stray and abandoned dogs. We then hack the words ‘pet store’, so whenever someones searches for a per store in the UAE they will see the thousands of other pins about the mix breed dogs we found. This mechanic taps into the existing behavior of the audience and creates a visceral feeling.


Expanding the conversation //

Using geo-targeted social ads, we use our data to inform people about how many pups were found around them and how they can help. This helps us build a relationship between the audience and our stray pups by providing context of the problem.



AD: Sumer Kotwal
CW: Gaurav Maitreya